We are in unprecedented times. With social unrest and global crises on the rise, the world needs strong, effective leaders to confront and overcome the obstacles before us. 

But our Muslim youth are not prepared.

Since 1992, American Youth Academy has been cultivating generations of forward-thinking, young global leaders who are driven by academic excellence, Islamic ideals, and the pursuit of a better world.

AYA is now expanding our institution to meet this growing need to ensure that future generations are ready to rise to the challenge.

Why AYA & Why Now?

Today, we face unprecedented challenges and there is much greater demand for strong, educated leaders to usher in an era of purpose-driven progress.  Gone are the days when one could simply aspire to be a doctor or engineer. Today, our youth must also be positioned to tackle global problems while navigating social unrest, political turmoil, and constant pressure to compromise their religious beliefs.

To remedy this, we must not only ensure the quality of education, but also increase the quantity of educated.

better poised to meet this challenge. With your investment, AYA can expand our institution and equip more students to lead us into a better world.


What Will it Take?

To expand the institution and program offerings, AYA is launching the AYA: Expanding Excellence Capital Campaign to raise the $12.5M needed to achieve our goal. This campaign will raise funds to build permanent state-of-the-art facilities with a gymnasium & multipurpose hall, well-equipped classrooms, and upgraded common areas, in addition to increasing student capacity and enrollment, and scaling our current academic and extracurricular program offerings to accommodate our growth.

We know that reaching our goal will require unprecedented generosity and support from the entire community. Your support shows your commitment to shaping and defining AYA as a premier educational institution dedicated to cultivating generations of future global leaders. Brick by brick, we can achieve this goal together. Please partner with us today and change the future of our institution, our community, and the world.

With your support we can expand excellence and build a better future for all of us.

Ways to Support the Expansion

There are several ways to support the growth of American Youth Academy.

Donate Now and support the growth of AYA.


Take advantage of our Naming Opportunities.


Share this campaign with close friends & family.